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Arctic Ambassador Survey

One of our key aims is to develop the Arctic Risk Platform into a source that provides Arctic Ambassadors and Arctic Officials with easy access to hands-on information and data-driven insights on how changes in the Arctic effect their countries/regions and the associated global risks. This can shape policy both in the Arctic and in the home regions of Arctic officials like you.

The Survey

Thank you for providing feedback on the Arctic Risk Platform. All responses will help us make improvements to the Platform.

As the survey progresses, we’ll invite you to explore the platform (https://globalclimaterisks.org/) so you can help us improve the site for you. We’ll guide you through the Platform, but you might find it handy to keep track of any general thoughts on layout, content, and/or navigability, as we’ll ask for these at the end of the survey.

You will find it helpful to open the Platform in a new tab so you can come back to the survey easily – you can do that HERE.