Climate change knows no borders...


We are turning up for climate vulnerable countries.... How are YOU turning up for them?

The world’s poorest, most climate vulnerable countries have contributed the least to the climate crisis. It’s time for the richest, most developed countries to step up and do their fair share for the world. Join the #FairShareNow movement and help restore the balance!

The Climate Emergency knows no borders….

…all countries must work together, equitably, to address climate change.

Most countries that are signatories to the Paris Agreement, particularly the poorest, most climate vulnerable ones, are doing their fair share to achieve the goal of a 1.5°C world. However, many of these “least developed countries” (LDCs), which have contributed least to climate change, are most at risk from its effects.  

A minority of the world’s countries, that are responsible for 80% of global climate pollution and possessing 85% of the world’s wealth, now have the opportunity to address this injustice and take action!  

Many of the world’s wealthiest nations (members of the G20 and G7) set emission targets that do not take into account past pollution records, and do not consider the unequal global impacts and individual needs which arise as a result of the rich-poor divide. The consequence? The 2030 climate targets (Nationally Determined Contributions) of these countries could warm the planet by 4°C, which would have devastating environmental, health and economic impacts.  


The Paris Agreement is rooted in principles of equity. It’s time for all nations to honor them!

Arctic Alarm

Warming four times as fast as the rest of the planet, the Arctic underscores the urgency of staying below the 1.5°C emissions target.  Climate research shows a strong and direct link between rising CO2 emissions and loss of Arctic ice. Science shows that the Arctic is a barometer of global risk – what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay there. Rapid Arctic warming fuels extreme weather farther south, often in the world’s poorest countries.

Take Action Now!

Join the movement, use #FairShareNow to help spread the word that every country must do their fair share to combat the climate crisis.

Big polluters must make a proportional effort to their carbon footprint and wealth!

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