26 Apr 2024 | United Kingdom

Cold Snap Hits the UK

A sharp plunge in temperatures is expected across the UK this week as a cold Arctic vortex sweeps through, bringing the mercury down to as low as 4°C in parts of East and North Yorkshire by Wednesday afternoon.

The Met Office warns of significant cooling down from the weekend’s warmer weather, which saw temperatures nearly reach 20°C in some areas. Expect strong northern winds, with gusts up to 28mph along the North Sea coast, impacting areas from Suffolk to Durham, and reaching peak intensity around lunchtime in Norfolk.

This cold spell will lead to widespread frost, particularly during Wednesday night, posing a risk of damage to early-spring vegetation including vegetables, grapevines, and blossoming fruit trees. The frosty conditions are likely to persist, with Thursday morning also starting to get cold. Although the winds may lessen by Thursday afternoon, increased cloud cover could keep the “feel” of the temperatures colder than they are.

Forecasters note that this cooler-than-average air mass will not only affect the UK but also central Europe, where low temperature warnings have been issued due to agricultural concerns. Despite a drier week ahead, temperatures are expected to stay well below the seasonal average, rarely exceeding 7°C.

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