“What happens in the Arctic affects the entire planet. Whether it is melting sea ice or disintegrating permafrost, it reverberates around the Earth System, adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, increasing the absorption of sunlight, and disrupting ocean circulation systems. The Arctic is truly the canary in the planetary coalmine.


Prof. Will Steffen
Emeritus Professor, Australian National University, Canberra

“The dramatic changes observed in the Arctic area serious foreshadowing of what to expect globally.”

Prof. Jan-Gunnar Winther
Chair of the GRID-Arendal board and Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute

We are now beyond calling for awareness and action. Implementable solutions rooted in concrete decipherable data are key to enable policies that make sense for the public and private sector. Arctic Basecamp’s Arctic Risk Platform brings what is happening in the Arctic into tangible and relatable terms. This allows for the understanding of climate risk for policy makers, businesses, and the public alike to enable proper decision making towards positive climate action.”

Nigel Topping
UN High Level Global Action Champion for COP26

“What the science tells us — the only conclusion that we can reach from that is urgency, urgency, urgency.

Christiana Figueres
Executive Secretary UNFCCC 2010-2016

“The activities of Arctic Basecamp are instrumental in raising awareness of the climate crisis among decision-makers at all levels of government and business. While a small fraction of the global population lives in the Arctic, the dramatic changes underway there affect everyone on Earth to varying degrees, most notably through sea-level rise and extreme weather. Arctic Basecamp is sounding the alarm by putting past and future changes into currencies that decision-makers understand: economic impacts, infrastructure vulnerabilities, and human suffering.”

Dr. Jennifer Francis
Senior Scientist and Acting Deputy Director, Woodwell Climate Research Center

“The Arctic is one of the key systems of our planet. The Arctic is in trouble. It will influence weather events around the world. It makes all of our lives more unpredictable. We need action.”

Christiana Figueres
Executive Secretary UNFCCC 2010-2016