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From Rainn Wilson’s “This is an Alarm Call” to our Davos livestreams, collaborations with Now This Earth and Reuters and our Make Earth Cool Again Science Jam! Our collection of video resources brings polar science to life.

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Try out our interactive tools – bringing polar science to life. Made to be shared on social media.

Visualise if Arctic sea ice came to your city, change your name and find out how the numbers have changed since a significant date in your life.


A collection of our high level panels at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos since 2017.

Unpack the polar crisis, find out why the Arctic is the future of humanity, listen to panels on health and agriculture and be inspired by VP Al Gore.

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Climate Basecamp

As well as the Global Climate Risks Platform, Arctic Basecamp has also developed Climate Basecamp – to speak science to culture. Climate Basecamp uses five cultural pillars as a way to talk about climate: music, food, entertainment, sport and fashion. It has two main campaign focus – Save the… things you love and Performing Hope – the antidote to climate anxiety.

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Professor Gail Whiteman’s TEDx talk draws on her research to explore how climate innovators can help rally us around common solutions and contribute to positive tipping points for climate action.


With so many extraordinary women engaged in the battle against climate change, the biggest task in compiling Reuters Impact’s list of trailblazing women for International Women’s Day was whittling down our long list to only 25. We reluctantly decided not to include the likes of Christiana Figueres, Greta Thunberg, and U.N. Environment Programme chief Inger Andersen, who already have a high global profile for their work, in order to shine the light on women whose contributions may have flown under the radar.

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Arctic Melt - An Ice Cold Bottled Warning

We wanted to put fresh, natural, unadulterated climate facts right under the noses of world leaders, COP26 delegates, climate deniers and reporters in Glasgow. This high profile campaign brought Arctic glacial meltwater right into the heart of COP 26.

These bottles were available at our Arctic Basecamp tent at COP 26 and make regular appearances at Davos and other events. Each limited edition bottle contains messages of risk and the advice not to waste these precious glaciers.

We worked with a Greenlandic enterprise to collect Greenland glacial meltwater at source and worked with a Scottish bottling partner to bottle it into a ‘a single serving of alarming climate facts’. A Bottled Warning.

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